Straddle lift
Crane pose bakasana
yoga teacher wild thing camatkarasana
yoga teacher martial artist gymnastic ring
yop tchagui martial artist side kick yoga teacher
Air split

Hi it's Marc, 


My mission is to empower yogis,

and martial artists to unlock their potential 

using a growth mindset, mobility, and skills

Do you feel limited in your body and think that you could achieve more with it?
Overcome your limiting beliefs and start to experience more freedom in your movements.
Develop a growth mindset.
Take care of yourself physically mentally and emotionally.
Do you feel easily distracted and struggle to find focus and discipline in your life?
Get rid of the excuses and start to implement a powerful daily routine in your life.
Find focus, accountability and feel energised. 
Do you feel excited about learning new physical skills and tap into your unlimited potential?
Transform yourself by embracing challenges and learn skills that will boost your confidence.

" Don't ask yourself what the world needs,

ask yourself what makes you come alive.

What the world needs,

is people who have come alive "


Howard Truman

Hi, salut, hola. 

My name is Marc Tran

Martial artist, yoga teacher and forever a student 

33 years old, French originally from Vietnam and Laos.

What makes me come alive is the practice of movement.

It is the never-ending journey of "KAIZEN," Japanese for continuous improvement.

I am curious, self-disciplined, and passionate about movement.

I am committed to helping people develop a 

growth mindset and invest in themselves to develop their skills.

I strive to lift people up to their highest potential and help them build a competent flexible armour.


Connect and grow with other practitioners on the path like you.
Find inspiration and motivation.
Share your practice and get feedback