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Martial Yoga is a training method which aims to educate, empower and energise people
using the tools of yoga, calisthenics, martial arts and meditation.

"Martial" refers to the origin of my Taekwondo practice, which I started more than 20 years ago.
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that means
the way of fists and the way of kicks.
It is characterised by the variety of its kicks: turning, spinning, jumping.
Here are the five values associated with Taekwondo:

- Self-discipline
- Respect
- Perseverance
- Integrity
- Indomitable spirit

This is what I have embedded in the practice, and what I share with others.


"Yoga" comes from the word "yolk", to make one.

It is the practice of experiencing oneness between yourself and the rest of the universe. 
It is the practice of connecting your mind and your body, using your breath as a bridge.
It is the practice of aligning your physical body with the rest of the universe, in order to receive and transmit from it, like an antenna.



The inner practice
2017-05-19 15.00.19crop.png


The way of kicks and fists


The practice of mastering your bodyweight


The practice of being with yourself




Monday: 8PM - 9.30 PM

Wednesday: 8PM - 9.30 PM


📍Studio Heka (vers la Part Dieu)

14 Rue Lavoisier

69003 Lyon


- First trial class: 15€

- Single class drop-in: 20€

- 10 pass class: 170€ (6 months validity)

- 6-months subscription: 370€

- Meditation

- Pranayama (breathwork)

- Asanas (sequenced poses)

- Arm balances

- Inversions

 "Motivation is what get you started.

Habit is what keeps you going."
Jim Rohn 


Marc Tran

07 55 67 50 45


Individually tailored sessions to

address your needs, goals, and challenges.

You will develop your skills and progress the best way you can imagine.

- Advanced mobility: splits, backbends, pancake stretch...

- Arm balances and yoga transitions

- Strength with gymnastic rings

- Handstands

- Kicks


3-month commitment



- Single session of 90 minutes: 90€

"The best investment you can make is in yourself"


Studio Heka
14 Rue Lavoisier
69003 Lyon

proche métro B et gare Part Dieu
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