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"There is no passion to be found playing small— 

in settling for a life

that is less than the one

you are capable of living"

Nelson Mandela

> How did I end up here?

The Journey

I started practising judo as a kid and moved to taekwondo at 10 years old.

I started learning from my uncle and my cousins, and have kept practising since that.

However, as I was asthmatic, I struggled with stamina and endurance.

As my dad and my sister had asthma too I thought I would have it for life.

I felt limited in my abilities.

At 23, I had a turning point.

I was running with my then-girlfriend, but I could not run more than 15 minutes without being out of breath.

I felt weak and disempowered.

Although I did not like running, I decided I wanted to become better at it. 

Running became a regular activity. It was challenging, but perseverance paid.

With time, my lung capacity improved, and slowly I started getting rid of my asthma.

My limiting beliefs started to disappear.


Today I don't have asthma anymore.  

With a change in my diet and stress management,

eczema and allergies disappeared too.

I started developing a growth mindset.

(Carol Dweck wrote an amazing book about it) 

I realised that any skill can be developed with dedication and discipline


At 30, I ran the full Cambridge Marathon (42.6km) in about four hours. 

It was a huge personal accomplishment in my life.

I became a runner and built the habit to run regularly.

"What was your goal yesterday

will become your warm-up tomorrow"

In 2017 I discovered Yoga and it complemented my taekwondo practice.

It allowed me to connect with my deeper self and understand the connection between the mind, body and consciousness. 


In 2018, I left my comfortable job as a designer for Jaguar

to backpack across Central and South America for ten months.





























During that time, I met a teacher in Guatemala around Lake Atitlan at the Mystical Yoga Farm.

Scott Nanamura is a tai chi, yoga and Buddhism teacher, and a Chinese medicine practitioner.

His aura, wisdom and physical skills really inspired me.


In 2019, I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with him in Greece.

In 2020, I successfully earned my fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo.

> How much of our potential are we leaving behind?

We have all been gifted this masterpiece,

the result of thousands of years of evolution: the human body.

This is our unique vehicle, our unique home for this life.

If we don't use it, we lose it.

"Your body will become better at what you do or don't do

If you aren't moving, your body will become better at not moving,

if you move, your body will allow more movement"

Ido Portal

> Why am I doing this?

"Every man has two lives: 

the second starts when he realises he only has one"


During my backpacking trip, I had a lot of time to reflect on my life. 

So when I came back and I decided to:

align my life and values, and make the time to do things that are meaningful.

I decided to keep studying, practising and learning to become the best version of myself.

This has allowed me to share my gift with others, and pass on the tools that have helped me on my journey.

I am in service of others.

"Meditation is for the mind 

what movement is for the body"

These tools are yoga, meditation, martial arts and calisthenics.

If we don't share the knowledge we've gained, then it passes away with us.

The tools that other teachers generously shared with me, I now want to share with you.


"The more you know,

the less you need "

Yvon Chouinard

I believe in minimalism in life.

It is the practice of emphasising quality over quantity.

Less, but better.

This applies to what we own, but also whom we spend time with and what we do with this time.

The same goes for physical practice.

My practice primarily utilises bodyweight.

This can be practised anywhere, anytime.

I have been practising twice daily for the past few years, and am still in love with it.

I cultivate "SHOSHIN," (Japanese for beginner's mindset). It is also called the white belt mentality in martial arts.

It is the practice of always being curious, willing to learn and receive, assuming that the other person knows something you don't.

" Empty the cup so it that it may be filled.

Become devoid to gain totality "

Bruce Lee

Ready to start your practice?

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