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Sheena Au-Yeung 🇬🇧
Taekwondo athlete of the GB Poomsae Squad.

Lauren Turner 🇬🇧
Badass athlete: hockey player,
yoga and handstand enthusiast, runner and cyclist
Karen Dennis 🇬🇧
Advanced yoga practitioner,
salsa dancer and mother of four
Shani Ripert 🇫🇷
Outdoor lover, kung fu practitioner
designer and entrepreneur

"Marc is a passionate instructor.

He teaches in French and English.

What I enjoy about the practice is the sense of aesthetic; movements are beautiful, the body is well-aligned.

Although we start the class gently, it is very energising.

Don't be afraid to sweat!

He always has the right words to motivate us. It is a very pleasant experience and we always leave the class in a great mood."

Eleonore avatar.jpg
Éléonore Fraisse​ 🇫🇷
Kung fu practitioner, traveller, masseuse.

"I have started practising Yoga with Marc on Zoom. He is demanding and careful with the students. Marc is a precious listener and he is supportive of whoever is looking for fulfilment and progression in the practice. Virtual training does not remove the authenticity and generosity of his presence before, during and after the classes.

His discipline and skills that he is cultivating made him an instigator of "self-realisation". Efforts and smiles are part of the adventure !"

Alba Muñoz 🇪🇸
Crossfit athlete, yogini,
surf enthusiast.

"Marc is a very energetic and passionate yoga teacher and he is very ambitious in everything he does. He is very dynamic in group sessions as well as one to one sessions. Marc is very approaching and he will help you the best way to develop your yoga skills as well as reach the best outcomes"

Andrada Lucia 🇷🇴
Advanced yoga practitioner
digital designer

"From the first practice with Marc, I knew he is the right person to train with! He is very passionate and knowledgable about yoga, working with bodyweight and also very challenging. He knows how to encourage you to strengthen your body and focus your mind to get to your goals. During classes, he pays attention to each individual and makes corrections in order to get the best alignment of the poses and he gives indications and support for any level - beginner to advanced. He adds a little extra of martial art movement which I found very helpful for motion and coordination. Each practice is a new experience and a blessing for the body. He is a great teacher and an inspiration."

Nicolas Vetter 🇫🇷
Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete

"I have been knowing Marc for more than twenty years. I have seen him evolve in his physical practice, professionally and in his personal development.

I have always admired his embodiment of determination, consistency, curiosity which made him who he is today as an athlete.

His athletic background infused with martial arts allow me to apply it directly in my practice of Brazilian jiu-jitsu the "gentle art": breath, suppleness and movement.

His listening skills, openness to other practices and contagious enthusiasm result in uniquely crafted sessions."

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