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3 tips to become more focused

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

1- Practice balancing in your yoga practice

In the practice of Yoga, we use our Drishti, our focused gaze.

It is where we visually concentrate our intention and attention.

The six limbs of Yoga is called Dharana, concentration/focus on a single point of attention

It is the practice of one's mind to be fixed on the breath, on a mantra or a part of the body such as the navel or the tip of the tongue. This is an internal concentration of attention, not a gaze.

When I am balancing in bakasana, crow pose, I am directing my Drishti, my focused gaze in front of my mat(so my head is oriented to facilitate the balance) and my attention is directed towards my fingers. In this pose the fingers are my foundation, this is what is holding me in the air.

This is training you to stay focused on a single thing for a certain period of time.

2 - Breathe to be present

When you are aware of your breathing. You are present. Your awareness is here and now.

You are conscious of your breath and of this present moment.

The breath is an anchor. It allows you to be physically and mentally focused.

Breathing is a tool it can be done consciously or unconsciously.

Use the breath

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3 - Eliminate what is superficial, to focus on what is essential

Focus in life and in practice, is the same as focus in photography.

It is emphasizing the main subject of the picture. All the rest becomes blurred and stays in the background. The essential remains.

When we tackle our main task or main objective, we are more efficient, we are going straight to the point. This is why some people works better with deadlines.

They cannot afford to distract themselves and do other things than what is required.

When we try to switch from one activity to another, from one tab to our software, from the laptop to the phone, we lose focus.

Our brain takes more time to process and re-adjust and be in flow again.

Try to focus on one single thing at a time.

Do less but better.

🔥 with energy and gratitude


🥋Martial Yoga

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