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3 tips to start a morning routine

"Win the morning, win your day"

It is said that the first hour of your day is the most important.

It sets the tone and your mood for the rest of your day

We should treat ourselves in the morning and look inward instead of looking out to the world. Take the time to reflect on how you feel and on the day to come and plan.

What are you doing as soon as you wake up?

Are you checking your phone and being reactive to emails, news, social media and notifications?

Tip to avoid that behaviour: put your phone in airplane mode before you go to sleep.

This is what the world wants from you, to react, they want your attention.

But what is best for YOU?



Practicing something that you enjoy in the morning will make your day better.

Try to practice something that requires to focus, to pay attention like :

- playing an instrument

- reading your favourite book

- playing with your kids

- physical practice

- painting

- drawing

> Your mood will be better for your day and you will feel more focused.

Here is a sample routine that I love practicing.


Start small and be consistent, 5 minutes is enough to start with.

Dedicate deliberate time for it.

"If you don't have time, you don't have priority"

Track your progress using a calendar and tick every day that you have done the new habit.

Like everything valuable, patience will allow you to see the results.

> By staying consistent it will create discipline and order in your life

> It will give you easy 'wins' in the morning and create positive momentum.


Our energy is our fuel, it is our vital force.

It is what we call Chi in Chinese or Prana in Sanskrit and the practice of yoga.

When we have a low level energy, it is because our energy is stagnant.

And like stagnant water, stagnant energy is not appropriate for our bodies.

So make it flows.

It could be doing:

- breathwork,

- practising yoga poses

- doing push-ups and jumping jacks.

> You will feel energised and your body will reward you with the release of good hormones:

- Endorphine(decrease pain an make you feel "high")

- Dopamine(the reward hormone)

- Serotonin(the feel-good hormone)

Are you sporty?

If you don't know how to start, here is mine. It might give you some inspiration:

- Wake up

- Make bed(first win of the day)

- Bathroom

- Drink water

- Meditation(45 minutes)

- Yoga or I teach an online yoga class to my students

- Go out to get some fresh air and get some D vitamin

- Breakfast

If the weather is nice, I will sit outside and have breakfast. It is usually bananas, blueberries, kiwi with some oatmeal, nuts, peanut butter, dark chocolate and honey. Then I have two soft boiled eggs.

After that, I feel ready to kickstart the rest of my day.

I hope that can help you on your journey.

Write me down what will you be starting and how?

Have a strong and supple week.


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