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Growth mindset vs fixed mindset 🧠

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

" If you really want to do something, you will find a way, otherwise you will find an excuse." Jim Rohn

I think it all starts here, it is the foundation of learning. Your mindset determines whether you will attack a topic and start to learn or it, or whether you will let your limiting beliefs, your resistance dictates the outcomes before starting. It is the key to any skill acquisitions and learning process.

Do you say " I am not flexible " or do you say " I am not flexible yet " ?

The first answer reveals a fixed mindset, the second a growth mindset.

The FIXED MINDSET is the idea that your potential was determined at your birth.

The GROWTH MINDSET is the idea that your potential can be developed at any time, with dedicated work, efforts and practice.

The growth mindset is applicable for any skills(language, arts, physical practice, meditation...) or traits of character(intelligence, courage, self-discipline... ).

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Here is Carol Dweck's Ted talk: The power of believing you can improve.

She is also the author of the fantastic book: MINDSET that I would recommend anyone to read. It is a life-changing experience.

You will become a better student at anything,

You will realise how much potential you have inside, and how much you can tap into.

You will inspire others to do the same.

Saying " yet", or "not yet " is very powerful.

It prepares the mind for a better outcome in the future.

It is the practice of telling yourself that you will be able to acquire those skills if you start and stay consistent in your learning.

It is the practice of seeking and learning from constructive criticisms and feedbacks.

Do you ask yourself: what did I learn? on a regular basis, even from challenging situations.

It is the practice of overcoming obstacles and accept challenges.

It is the practice of staying humble and accepting that we don't know things and be cool with that.

How much are we stopping ourselves from taking action?

How much potential are we leaving behind due to this internal voice, this constant mental chatter?

I hope you find that useful and enriching

Click here for your free guide 👉 Growth mindset guide


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