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Why Taekwondo and Yoga go hand in hand? 🥋🧘

Taekwondo is primarily an external practice, it is more yang.

Yang is the male energy, the sun side, the warmth.

Yoga is primarily an internal practice, it is more yin.

Yin is the female energy, the moon side, the cold.

They are indissociable from each other, they are complementary.

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art which means the way of the kicks and the way of the fists.

The practice of Taekwondo is divided into four parts:

- Poomsae: forms, patterns

- Kyorugi: sparring, Olympic style

- Ho chin Sul: self-defence

- Gyeokpa: breaking

The five values associated with Taekwondo are:

- Self-discipline

- Respect

- Perseverance

- Integrity

- Indomitable spirit

It is primarily an external martial art. It helps the practitioners to develop speed, power and accuracy.

Whether you are more a fighter or a technician doing poomsae, your body is your tool to practice Taekwondo.

Taekwondo is a very demanding art which requires a lot of conditioning:

strengthening and stretching.

"In my personal practice as a black belt 4th Dan, I dedicate around half of my practice to condition and prepare my body.

The aim of a practitioner is to be able to:

- practice often

- avoid injuries

- practice for long as you can

To complement the taekwondo I practice:

- some cardio work with running and skipping rope

- some mobility work with yoga and gymnastic strength training

- meditation

Since I started practicing yoga I manage to improve tremendously my practice.

"I feel less tension in my body, I am calm and more relaxed so my speed and power increased."

If you want to read about the benefits of yoga as a martial artist,

Here are some evolution from before yoga

You can see the progress that I made with a sidekick, yop tchagui.

Pictures are from :

First row: 2018-2019

Second row: 2020

To conclude, I would highly recommend to any Taekwondo practitioner to start practicing yoga on the side. It will complement their practice and balance it.

You will avoid injuries, prepare your body and improve your recovery and it will allow you to practice for many years to come without issue.

I invite you to read that article too: The benefits of yoga as an athlete or martial artist


🥋Martial Yoga

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