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🙄 3 common mistakes in learning any skills

"All change is hard at first,

messy in the middle,

glorious at the end"

Robin Sharma

Here are in my humble life experiences three mistakes I understood from other people or from myself:


1. Not being consistent:

"Repetition is the mother of any skill"

Like anything in life, I believe you can learn. Skills, traits of character, physical abilities are trainable if you cultivate a growth mindset.

I was not born particularly talented, I used to be asthmatic, small and weak. It is only through consistent practice and effort that I manage to improve and tap into my potential.

Importantly the journey and what you are going through is as or more important than the actual goal itself so you better enjoy the process.


2. Not being persistent:

"It doesn't matter how slow you go as long as you don't stop"

Giving up after trying the first time is very common. Because failing or doing mistakes is uncomfortable, we are discouraged and we can give up easily. However, when you are a bit persistent, you can go beyond this discomfort and you slowly become more confident and competent.

💃 When I started to learn to dance salsa, I sucked at it, I was stepping on my partner's feet, I was not synchronized with the music. It was very embarrassing😅. However, as I enjoyed dancing, Latin music and the social aspect, I kept showing up at every class. Slowly I improved my skills and became proficient at it.


3. Not being surrounded by the right people:

"Lift people up to their higher self, and highest potential"

If you stick with people with a fixed mindset, which are giving up easily, which don't like challenges or obstacles you will most likely be influenced by their mindset and behaviour.

On the contrary, if you surround yourself with a group of people with a growth mindset, they will help you to grow. They will want the best out of you and you will probably unleash your true potential.

I have been very lucky in my journey to meet incredible teachers that taught me: taekwondo, yoga and meditation...

These tools completely changed my life and now it is my mission to empower other people to grow into their potential.

This is why, in my opinion, the role of teacher, coach, guide, mentor, as well as group members and community is to help and serve each other to grow. We are here to support and feel supported. When you belong to a group of people where you don't feel judged, with who you feel you can connect, you can freely express yourself and achieve great things together.

This is my vision for Martial Yoga Tribe​ ​​


If you want to join such an empowering group, maybe you should consider our 12 weeks group coaching program:


Hurry up, time is running out 👇👇👇


Marc 🥋Martial Yoga

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