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3 stretches you should do every day

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

1 - Deep squat

Squatting is our basic human resting position

"Less sitting more squatting"

Malasana in Sanskrit

It makes you do a full hip flexion, knee flexion and ankle flexion.

- Make sure that your knees are tracking your feet

- Keep your back straight by engaging your lower back and core

- Raise your arms up to challenge yourself to have more weight above your hips

If you cannot put your heels into the floor yet, raise them and work progressively to get your full range of motion back.

To watch access to the whole routine

2 - Standing straddle

Stand with your legs straddled and start to windmill your arms towards the opposite leg, lift the other arm towards the ceiling

Other variation, interlace your fingers, lift your arms and use them as a lever to bring your head towards the floor.

- Squeeze your shoulder blades(scapula) together

- Feel your hamstrings and adductors engaged

- Squeeze your belly in

- Relax the toes

3 - Downward facing dog

Adho mukha svanasana in Sanskrit

It is probably the most known yoga position, yet with so many details to tweak.

- press back with your arms to bring the chest towards the thighs

- externally rotate your biceps to have the tip of the elbows facing back

- keep your navel in

- tailbone as high as you can

- press with the heels into the floor to lengthen calves and hamstrings.

- relax your toes

- feel your spine lengthening and shoulders opening

For the variation three-legged dog, lift your knee as high as you can and bring the heel towards your glutes. It will open your hips and lengthen even more the hamstrings of your standing leg.

Make sure that your arms are straight.

To watch access to the whole routine

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