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🌬️Air is food for your body

"Eating properly, through your nose"

Are you breathing consciously?

Most of the time during the day we are barely conscious of the things we do, we do them unconsciously.

Breathing is something that can be done consciously or unconsciously.

When we pay attention to our breath we become more present, more aware.

The breath is the bridge between your mind and your body.

Your body could be physically here but your mind can be distracted somewhere in the past or the future. They are not connected.

When we breathe consciously, we can feel the movement of the breath.

We can feel the air entering through our nostrils feeling the lungs, the diaphragm, the belly and then coming out of the body through the nostrils.

Instead of doing shallow breathing, we learn to use our whole breathing capacity.

"This awareness of the breath brings us back to the present moment, to here and now"

This is what we can practice when we meditate, we practice being single-focused on the breath.

When we are aware, our monkey mind stops his inner chatter because he got a task to focus on. We discipline our mind to be conscious, to be aware of our breath.

This is what we practice in the practice of yoga, we practice Pranayama.

Pranayama in Sanskrit means control of the energy(prana) through the control of the breath.

If you want to:

- Reduce daily stress

- Calm down your mind

- Release tensions, struggles

- Be more focused in your life

I highly encourage you to start practising pranayama/ breathwork on daily basis.

There is a reason why when an accident happened, or people start to panic we tell them: "just breathe"

I have created two free videos to guide you through two pranayamas.

- Alternate breathing, nadi shodhana

- Breath of fire, kapalabahti

Have a strong and supple week,


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