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🥋 Are you a martial artist who wants to split and kick higher?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

If you have answered yes to the 2 questions above, then you are at the right place.

I was there too. I was practising without doing much progress.

I was stagnating because I did not commit properly.

Sometimes I was training hard sometimes I wasn’t.

It was not until I started to be consistent with my practice that I started to see results.

It was not until I decided to persevere until I reach the goals, that I started to see results.

It was not until I discovered the right exercises for me that I started to see results.

Where are you on your journey right now?

Do you believe you can achieve your splits and kick higher?

Or do you think it is about genetics and that you were not born talented?

It all starts in your head, if you have the belief, then it can happen, if you don't believe, then you need to address that limiting belief first

Strength and flexibility are skills.

Like any skills, they are trainable.

You can train them through repetitions.

Here is an example of my progression:

The key for me was to do a little every single day around 15 to 30minutes.

That way I realise there was no escape from my direction from my goals.

Once you repeat an action every day for two years, it definitely becomes part of your identity. It becomes a habit.

Here is another example of my progression

And it makes me feels good because now I maintain the skill, I spent less time on it than I used to.

"It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop".

So here are four stretches that helped me achieve my splits:

- Cossack squat focusing on adductors of the bent leg and hamstrings of the extended one

- Drop stance focusing on adductors of both legs

- Long lunge focusing on the hip flexors of the extended leg and adductors of the front one

- Pigeon preparation focusing on the gluteus of the front leg.

Here are 3 positions that helped me progress to achieve my pancake stretch:

- Straddle

- Straddle to the side to reach your toes

- Pancake stretch

If you are ready to go through the process click here to access your free hip mobility routine

with energy and gratitude


Martial Yoga

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