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Can you get strong with yoga?

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Something that is usually misunderstood with the practice of yoga.

Yoga is not a fitness class.

Yoga is not relaxation.

Yoga is not a stretching class.

Yoga is the intention behind your practice. Yoga helps you to make one between your physical body and your mind.

It is the intention and awareness that you choose to develop in your practice. Yoga is mainly an internal practice.

Yes, in the physical aspect of yoga we practice asanas or physical poses.

Yes, they can definitely make you stronger.

Yes, they can make you more supple.

But don't forget your intention, don't forget why are you practicing?

1 - Core strength

In my opinion, the area where people need more strength is their core, front and back.

In the same way, we should cultivate a supple spine, it is important to make what is holding your spine, strong too.

If your strong is core, it can take over some loads, weight and avoid yourself having back problems, or back injuries.

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2 - Isometric contractions

When you hold poses for a certain amount of time, it is called an isometric contraction.

It is allowing you to build strength by keeping your muscles under tension.

At Martial Yoga, we love isometric contractions :)

3 - Arm balances practice

Arm balances are a very exciting and challenging practice in Yoga.

They require strength, balance and body awareness. Arm balances are one of my favourite aspects of the practice as you have to be fully focused to avoid falling.

Here are few examples of movements that I teach to my students in group classes or 1-1 coaching sessions.

4 - Inversions

Inversions are as arm balances a challenging way to strengthen your body as well as gaining confidence in your body capability.

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With energy and gratitude


🥋Martial Yoga

Educate. Empower. Energise

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