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Developing bamboo legs: strong and supple.

- Are you a martial artist who wants to split and kick higher?

- Are you an athlete who feels restricted in his range of motion?

- Was your dream as a kid to one day achieve your splits like Van Damme?

Then this article is for you.

Why would you like to develop strong and supple legs?

> Avoid injuries

> More freedom in your body

> Practice skills that you find impossible at the moment

I have been cultivating what I called bamboo legs.

The bamboo is strong AND flexible, it doesn't break easily.

When the wind blows, the bamboo flows.

Your legs can become the same. Say goodbye to the hamstrings injuries and tightness when you lift your legs.

My goal is to show you how to develop and cultivate bamboo legs, strong and supple

Here is one of the key exercise to lengthen your hamstrings the big group of muscles behind your thighs.


You can use whatever you have as weights: books, dumbells, kettlebell, water bottles etc...

Make sure that you ENGAGE your whole core, gluteus, lower back when you come up without bending the knees.

Cossack squat or skandasana to target hamstrings and adductors

Lizard lunge to target your iliopsoas of the back leg and adductors of the front leg

The supported side kick position on the wall or a pole will challenge your balance, hamstrings strength as well as your obliques, gluteus and lower back.

I suggest you start with the help of a chair or someone before trying without hands


The key for me is to stay consistent and keep showing up every day.

Honestly, you will hardly get your splits in one month.

However, if you keep practicing every day for a certain period of time you will get there really soon.

Start small, but aim high.

If you want to go further I suggest you check my 👉 BAMBOO LEGS COURSE

With energy and gratitude


🥋Martial Yoga

Educate. Empower. Energise

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