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🔥How to have more energy on a daily basis?

"Be the energy you want to attract"

Energy is our life force.

Energy is what flows inside any living creature. It is called called "Chi or Qi" in Chinese or "Prana" in Sanskrit.

Energy is contagious, either you affect people or you infect them.

A lot of people rely on caffeine, drugs, energy drink, to have more energy.

This is a personal choice. I am not here to judge them.

In my personal experience, as a martial artist, a yoga teacher and an athlete I have always been seeking ways to cultivate a high level of energy to be able to practice more often and recover quickly.

On top of daily meditation and movement, here are 3 habits that I use and found very valuable for maintaining a high energy level.

This only reflects my personal experience, I am not a doctor.

Please ask for advice or recommendations if you are not sure how to start.

What are your thoughts on that?

If you want to challenge yourself and need guidance, I am inviting you for a free 5-day challenge mindset and mobility.

This will take place from the 15-20 of February 2021.

👉Click here to register

Marc 🥋 Martial Yoga

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