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🧐Yoga is not what you think it is

Yoga means union.

"Yoga" comes from the word, "yolk", to make one.

Did you know that the practice of Yoga consists of 8 limbs according to Master Patanjali?

He describes them in the Yoga Sutras, one of the most fundamental text in the philosophy of yoga. Master Patanjali was a sage from India. He is the author of the Yoga Sutras, one of the most fundamental text in the philosophy of yoga.

He was a philosopher, an expert in the Sanskrit language, a yogi, a doctor in ayurvedic medicine and the father of classical Indian dance.

The 8 limbs of yoga are:

📜 - YAMAS:

Restraints(external discipline)

- Ahimsa: non-violence

- Satya: truthfulness

- Asteya: non-stealing

- Brahmacharya: sexual purity

- Aparigraha: non-grasping, non-attachment


Observances(internal discipline)

- Saucha: purity

- Sentosha: contentment

- Tapas: self-discipline

- Svadhyaya: self-study and reflection

- Ishvara pranidhana: surrender and devotion


Control of the prana(energy) through the control of the breath.

ex: Breath of fire, alternate breathing.

🤸‍♀️- ASANAS:

They are the physical postures that we practice to align the geometry of our bodies.

They help to strengthen and lengthen your muscles.

They help to open the nadis(these little channels inside our bodies) to allow the prana(energy) to flow better.

They are designed to prepare your body to stay longer in meditation (spine alignment, core strength and hips opening...)


Withdrawal of the senses. This is what we do when we practice meditation or Savasana(corpse pose) at the end of the class.


The practice of focus/concentration, during your meditation or your asana practice

as well as during the rest of your day


The practice of fixation, sustained attention or contemplation for a certain period of time.


Perfect meditation.

It is the ultimate state of consciousness

Samadhi is oneness between the mind, the object of meditation and the act of meditation.

I hope this will enrich your practice.

Questions for you:

What is yoga for you?

Which of these 8 limbs do you practice the most?

Which one do you find difficult to practice?


🥋Martial Yoga

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