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🧘 3 yoga myths clarified

1 - "I am not flexible to practice yoga"


This is probably the most common myth of all.

Flexibility is a skill. Like every skill(strength or intelligence) it is trainable through repetition. With consistent practice and effort, you will become more flexible.

So being flexible is not a pre-requisite to the physical practice of yoga.

"I am not flexible to do yoga" is probably an excuse that you create not to try to practice.

This also means that you don't believe you can improve your flexibility/mobility which comes back to your mindset.

2 - "Yoga is for women"

🤔 Oh really, how come?

Another myth or cliché about yoga. Yes, there is a generally more women

practicing yoga than men.

Is that a reason to generalise the idea that yoga is for women?

Let me tell you my thoughts on why men are not practising yoga.

- It is intimidating to attend a class where there are more women than men. Maybe some men have an apprehension of being judged being in such an environment.

Maybe they are not feeling comfortable not being at ease doing a challenging physical practice.

- They think that you can't be strong and supple.

Again, this is another stereotype. Watch a gymnast and you will see an example of someone which combine strength and suppleness.

- Men find it difficult to relate to themselves, while seeing what is communicated around yoga on website, books, flyers, videos mainly portraits women in their practice.

Again it is coming back to how our mind is conditioned from our environment, media, movies...

3 - "Yoga is only about physical abilities"

This is a very reductive approach to the practice of yoga.

What I like to say in classes is: what is most important in your practice is what is happening inside you, the flow of energy, the awareness of your body, and your breath...

For your information, the practice of yoga according to Master Patanjali is composed of 8 limbs. Master Patanjali was a sage from India. He is the author of the Yoga Sutras, one of the most fundamental text in the philosophy of yoga.

To summarise, I think that like on a lot of topics, people got preconceived ideas about things.

Unless you have experienced it yourself, I found it difficult to talk about a subject.

If you are interested to try what we do at Martial Yoga,

I invite you to register for our free 5-day challenge mindset & mobility.

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